Scholarship Entry: Onida Cruz, Opulant Creations Events, LLC

Friday, December 4, 2009

This submission is by Onida Cruz of Opulent Creations Events, LLC

Sophisticated Country Glam

Fusing the creative elements of the rustic country and the refined elegance of 5th Avenue, a theme I describe as Sophisticated Country Glam was created. The marriage of bold rural embellishments, a touch of bling, and the rich metallic hues with a pop of mandarin orange and jewel toned flowers are my vision. The wedding will take place on a picturesque country farm. The outdoor ceremony will include bales of hay seating with custom made apricot colored satin cushions. The hay will be arranged in a circular formation to create two intersecting aisle ways. The center of these aisles will be the focal point- a circular arbor decorated with fragrant blooms.

For the Reception

To get from the open field where the ceremony takes place to the barn, guests will take pleasure in a real life tractor ride. During the cocktail hour, 36 inch high and low tables will be fashioned with the apricot-colored satin linen and free-standing sheaves of wheat with floating candles in mason jars as centerpieces. Each will be tied with a double faced satin ribbon.

The satin apricot-colored underlay in concert with a sheer hand sewn embroidered detailed overlay and the rich textured shantung silk napkins are the foundation essentials of my well-dressed guests’ tables. The low centerpieces will incorporate crystal embellished candle holders and full bloomed peonies, roses, and orchids. Over each table crystal chandeliers will hang from the barn rafters. At each place setting, guests will be treated to a small glass jar of the county’s best peach preserves. Guest will also enjoy signature drinks from the bar, play horse shoe, and take pictures in the photo booth. For the bar signature cocktails such as the “Cotton-Eye Joe”, “Moonshine”, “Uptown Girl”, and “City Slicker” will be served.

This sophisticated design has the rural charm with a glamorous flair. It’s fun and festive, yet elegant.


Milkman said...

I love this idea for an all American wedding. The pairing of mason jars with satin ribbons and crystal chandeliers with satin covered hay bales merges the two styles without concealing the country. (That would be like putting expensive lipstick on a pig.) This wedding would be perfect for Chelsea Clinton or Bristol Palin or anyone in between. And the only thing more American than a tractor ride is a country/city wedding.

Confero Productoins said...

Beautiful concept! Cheers!

Anonymous said...


I love the way you incorporated the two concepts of country and “refined elegance”! It’s country chic!

O2Weddings said...

I love how you married the country chic with city glam. The lighting combined with the rich jewel tones will have a wonderful golden glow. The wedding dress is fit for a goddess with the gold embroidery on the bodice. The tuxes not being a harsh black or white also works to bring the theme together. Over all Onida you did a wonderful job. Congrats on a job well done.

Jahari said...

Your beautiful country glam theme is so lovely! I think any bride would be overwhelmed by the simple beauty of such as setting. Great concept! Fabulous job! I'm sure the photos don't do it justice.

asuanta said...

Onida you know I love all of your concepts and ideas. This one is really beautiful. It really brought both worlds together elegantly. Hopefully I can use you in the future for other events. Muah, love it.

DressYourBest said...

Onida this is such a beautiful concept. It truly highlights what you really are ~ dynamic!

richard said...

I like the idea of making a rural area such a glamorous place. And I think the hayride would be the highlight of the evening. The drink names are really creative. Its like where did you come from? Where did you go? LOL I really like the concept.

Jazz Tyrril-Smart said...

Great writing & I really like the colours! Good Luck

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