Is Event Planning An Art Or A Science?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back in July, Wedding 360 embarked on our journey to Dallas, Texas where we filmed Todd Fiscus teaching three different design topics exclusively for Wedding 360! Our rock star filmmaker Andrew Hsu of Studio MSV has been busy editing away, and we are excited to share a series of sneak previews with our followers in the next two weeks. The first segment will officially be available September 20th on our Wedding 360 Online Academy....stay tuned!

Video produced by Studio MSV

Click here to read more about Todd Fiscus!

Tara Guerard on Throwing Great Parties

Monday, August 23, 2010

When we first asked Tara Guerard to speak at our Academy, we gave her the topic of Spatial Planning. She ended up teaching that, AND the ins and outs of how to throw a great party, so our students definitely got a lot out of her! To design a fabulous party, you can't just focus on decor. You have to design with the guest experience in mind. Tara talks about her view to never use dinner tables bigger than 54". Why? Because you simply can't have great conversation around a table that's bigger than that. It was incredibly thought-provoking and interesting to hear the thought process that Tara goes through when she designs events for her clients. Every detail is well thought out, down to the cocktail napkins at the bar.

Tara has published two books already that's filled with eye candy from beginning to end. She was recently interviewed by Martha Stewart (see article below) and we are extremely honored that she is a part of our Wedding 360 faculty. For those of you who did not make it to The Academy earlier this year, Tara's presentation can now be purchased and viewable on our Wedding 360 Online Academy!

Congratulations to Asiel Design!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have you had a chance to check out the newest issue of Grace Ormonde's Wedding Style Magazine yet? We were elated to see that one of the design showcases at our Academy for Planners + Designers were featured in a 4 page spread! Congratulations to Linnae Asiel and Jonathan Gomez of Asiel Design. They transformed an ordinary meeting room into a magnificent living space that deserves to be featured in every interior design magazine!

Wedding 360 Heads South! { Day Three }

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A gigantic THANK YOU to Todd + Gang at Todd Events for partnering with Wedding 360 to bring valuable knowledge and education to planners, designers, and floral designers out there! As a side perk, we got the 'back of the house' tour of Todd's empire, AND we got a sneak preview of an actual event designed and planned by Todd and his amazing team!

Look for Todd's new videos in early Fall, 2010 on our online academy!

Wedding 360 Heads South! { Day Two }

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day two of our Dallas trip included a tour of Todd Events headquarters, and a full day of filming at The Apartment, an event space owned by Todd Events. The tour was incredibly impressive.  Everything about every inch of space there speaks the 'Todd Events' brand--tasteful, fun, fearless. We had a great time meeting Todd's staff, and even they were a perfect extension of Todd's brand. LOVE!

The first segment filmed was a very in-depth lesson on space planning. Todd shares his methods for site inspections and the proper tools that he uses to devise clever schematics and renderings for his events. He also shares an entire 45 minutes' worth of 'how-to's' on creating the best possible event spaces for clients. How many of you make sure that there is not ONE bad seat in the house for guests? Todd designs with guest experience at the forefront. If there are bad seats in the house, he designs something clever to turn them into the hottest seats for guests!

The second segment was about tabletop settings, both from a design perspective as well as a functionality perspective. How do you determine what shape and size tables to use, and the type of chairs? Todd makes sure that his designs are not only beautiful, but that they are functional as well. I know many designers have a hard time balancing both, but Todd has truly mastered this and is eager to share his knowledge with other designers.

The third segment focused on flowers--design, scaling, balance, symmetry, production, and more! Even though I am not a floral designer, I loved hearing Todd describe his design techniques. He is an amazing artist, and the best part is his willingness to share his knowledge and teachings with those who want to learn from him!