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Friday, December 4, 2009

This submission is by Angela Mazanti of Angela Mazanti Events

“Harvest Chic”

The “groom” in this story is a very rugged but cultured farmer that could be described as a “renaissance” man who is well educated. He really appreciates the finer things in life but prefers to live in an environment where he lives off of his land. He eats the food that his land produces and works hard at everything that he does. He is humble, but spontaneous and fun-loving.

The “Bride” in this story is a woman who has grown up with all of life’s luxuries. She is educated and has a successful career in the city. She has fallen in love with the man who she bumps into on his trips to the city where he goes more often now that he has fallen in love with her.

The “groom” has planned a romantic dinner under the stars on the rooftop of a beautiful building that they both love for its historic architecture. She says yes and they both agree to make sacrifices in order to make it work considering their different lifestyles. They set a date for the Fall.

They contact an event designer to make their night magical. They both insist that the opposite things that they both love should somehow be worked into a cohesive design that represents them both beautifully.

The event designer presents them with a “Harvest Chic” theme. The elements will be rugged, yet luxurious and upscale. The color scheme will be copper, bronze, apple green, and aubergine . The wedding will take place on the farmer’s land where there sits a historic church. The church is a white traditional with a tall steeple. The front doors will have large wreaths made from antique green hydrangea and hung from a copper colored satin ribbon.

The aisle will be lined with tall cylinder vases filled with copper and aubergine Rose petals and have clusters of tall eggplant Calla Lilly’s hanging over the edge of the vase at an angle, and antique green hydrangea heads and the rose petals will be covering the floor around the vases. They will have pillar candles that will sit on a slim cylinder vase inside the larger vase. Smaller cylinder vases will have water and floating candles to create an ethereal glow throughout the whole church. Amber colored up lights will be used to add to the ethereal glow. The altar will have two large bronze urns with tall fall branches.

The reception will be in a huge renovated red barn that will have hardwood floors put in. Large antler chandeliers will hang with amber colored crystals. The entrance to the barn will have a huge tree of fall branches that will be in a very large clay pot that is painted copper/bronze and has rustic moss attached to it. It will have amber crystals hanging from the branches. There will be a table covered in wheat grass that has seed packets on sticks that double as escort cards. The tables will be labeled such as “The pumpkin patch” and the type of seeds will correlate with the table that the guests will sit at. The cabbage patch, the peach orchard, etc.

The tables will be 8ft. tables with copper/bronze floor length linens and a sheer overlay. The centerpieces will be long trays of fresh herbs and clusters of green apples and artichokes. There will be 2 tall topiary arrangements per table. The pots are clay and painted copper/bronze and have patches of rustic moss. The stem of the topiary will be a bronze pipe lined with curly willow branches. The top will have lots of antique green and red hydrangea, eggplant Calla Lilly’s, curly willow branches dripping with amber crystals, green Cymbidium Orchids, Red Cymbidium Orchids and copper roses.

The chairs will be Amber colored acrylic Chivari chairs. The chargers will be glazed copper glass and the plates will be clear glass. The stem ware will be amber colored goblets. Each place setting will have a caramel apple wrapped in cellophane and tied with a copper satin ribbon and have a label with a greeting from the couple to their guests. The room will be flooded with warm hues of amber and gold.

The bride’s cake will be a Sylvia Weinstock cake of 6 layers and covered in sugar hydrangea, orchids, roses and Calla Lilly’s in the green, copper, and eggplant color scheme. The groom’s cake will be a replica of his barn with a garden around it with pumpkins, cabbages, and a couple of fruit trees.

The menu for the night will be a salad of spring mix with Mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, glazed pecans and goat cheese, a trio of wild game with blueberry-zinfandel sauce, butternut squash and sweet English peas and purple Fingerling potatoes with rosemary.
The couple will make their departure in an antique Rolls Royce as guests shower them with a mixture of flower petals and bird seed.

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