Our Refreshed Website Is Now LIVE!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our website recently received a slight makeover, and we hope you will find it informative! 

Have An Edge Over Your Competitors

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

W360 Online Todd Fiscus Teaser | three of three from andrew msv on Vimeo.

Full video coming soon, on Wedding 360's Online Academy!

Todd Fiscus' Favorite Fall Things

Monday, September 13, 2010

As we bid farewell to Summer, we thought it'd be fun to celebrate the Fall by asking one of our favorite designers, Todd Fiscus, for his TOP FIVE FAVORITE THINGS to incorporate into a Fall wedding!

1. Charcoal Gray Velvet, with pale yellow orchids and mirrored everything

2. Woven Rabbit fur Shawls as bridesmaids gifts

3. Great Red Wine Bars, served with displays of cheeses and an on-site Cheese Monger (attendant) to instruct the guests how to enjoy together

4. Bridal Bouquets simply of White Phalo Orchids tied in exquisite lace banding

5. Lace Table Linens, over latte Silk and simple "tons" of candles

Don't Give Away Your Farm

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weddings are so personal. We can't help falling in love with our clients sometimes, can we? When we do, it's like working for a friend.....and how could we possibly charge a friend?

As important as it is to love your clients, you can't give away your farm to them, because you've got a business to sustain. Many of us started our planning and designing careers in the wedding industry out of passion. It was so wonderful to be PAID to do what we love. The 'paid' part was almost a bonus in the beginning....because after all, we're 'playing' with flowers and other beautiful things and having a fabulous time. Who gets paid to do that??

Then, reality hits. You have expenses to pay, staff to hire, overhead costs to maintain, and probably a mortgage as well! This can no longer purely be a hobby. You have got to make money! There's no taboo to the words 'making money', even when it comes to weddings. Despite the ugly rumors out there that wedding professionals mark everything up ridiculously and unreasonably high to take advantage of emotional brides, we are no different than other service providers out there such as a realtor, a dentist, an accountant. We have to have a good understand of our costs to run the business, and the value of our skills, talent, and time, in order to know how to charge.

Todd Fiscus, besides being the uber talented designer that he is, also knows how to run a business successfully. Learn from Todd through the teaching segments that he filmed exclusively for Wedding 360 Online Academy, which will be available in just a few weeks! Here is sneak preview #2:

Video produced by Studio MSV

We Like Todd Fiscus!

Monday, September 6, 2010

When Todd Fiscus told us he was in the midst of creating a Facebook Fan Page, we knew it wasn't going to be any ordinary fan page. Todd & Gang always go all out when they do something, to make it extraordinary and fun, and this was no different!


David Beahm Featured on Brooklyn Bride

Friday, September 3, 2010

We are always excited to see our professors featured elsewhere. A few days ago, the fabulous blog, Brooklyn Bride, featured an interview with David Beahm, along with photos of his amazing studio and team at work. David blew everyone away when he presented at our Academy for Planners + Designers in March. Prior to meeting David, many people perceived him as a celebrity Event Designer in New York.....and that title alone must simply come with some ego and attitude! That couldn't be further away from the truth. David was humble, down to earth, and extremely open in sharing his design techniques and business advice. Everyone loved him, including us ofcourse. We cannot wait until we get to film him in action in New York! For now, we hope that those who didn't make it to the Academy for Planners + Designers can benefit from David's presentation online, which is available in our Wedding 360 Online Academy. Here's a small snippet from that presentation!

Is Event Planning An Art Or A Science?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back in July, Wedding 360 embarked on our journey to Dallas, Texas where we filmed Todd Fiscus teaching three different design topics exclusively for Wedding 360! Our rock star filmmaker Andrew Hsu of Studio MSV has been busy editing away, and we are excited to share a series of sneak previews with our followers in the next two weeks. The first segment will officially be available September 20th on our Wedding 360 Online Academy....stay tuned!

Video produced by Studio MSV

Click here to read more about Todd Fiscus!