Scholarship Entry: Mandy Majerik of Hot House Designs

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wedding 360 - Scholarship Entry

Floral artistry is a very important part of any event – one of the most unifying elements to the overall design scheme. While working closely with other wedding professionals, I try to be a quintessential, active piece of the puzzle. Through creating floral art, I am able to personalize each element and pull from my resources to design the perfect match from the smallest of details to the largest table centers.

For this designer’s challenge, we have two individuals who share a common thread, but give great meaning to the phrase, “opposites attract.” With the different tastes forefront in my mind, I set out to design and create the perfect table scape that would “marry” the two differences of country vs. city.

First was choosing the perfect location. Matt Jones Gallery, a local art gallery, seemed to be the winner. Located in the heart of the city, the gallery provided an unusual, artistic backdrop to add interest and invite conversation for guests who attended. With the vibrant backdrop in place, we were able to settle on a color scheme of white, fresh green and copper.

After selecting copper lamour linens and fruitwood chiavari chairs, it was time to develop the underlying unifying element that would catch attention and spark a creative question. With the farmer and his fresh crops available, I went in search of the perfect fresh element to incorporate throughout my designs. In an instant, after seeing the brussels sprout, I knew that 1) it was the perfect color 2) it was the perfect linear form I needed 3) it was the perfect texture 4) it was the perfect unexpected element and 5) it would put a smile on my groom’s face and have a ripple effect on our guests as well. With this source of inspiration, I began to develop the rest of the floral elements that would play a lead role in our displays. Mini white calla lilies are the perfect, feminine flower with the graceful curves of the stem and the innocent, yet defined bloom. Any floral designer knows that you can’t go wrong using a green, mini cymbidium orchid to pull in that sleek texture and deep rich color of the throats to tie in the color scheme. At this point, I knew that I was on the trail to a successful table scape. After scurrying about to pull together the textured moss square as the backdrop and the glass taper candle cubes with green taper candles to accent my fresh elements, I was ready to set the scape and pull in the serving pieces. Here I was able to create a memorable element into the head table. I made a personal connection with the bride and groom using old, vintage photographs of them in their childhood and adhering them to the reverse side a clear glass plate. After the reception, these plates will be my gift to the couple to cherish and pass down to generations. The bride and groom chairs were decorated in detail with the bride having sleek, feminine callas and the groom incorporating his love of hunting with a small deer antler anchored by a green cymbidium orchids. Bistro tables were nestled among the gallery and set with a masculine deer antler surrounding a sleek, glass vessel housing a min calla lily and by using lily grass, I was able to bring the movement into the arrangement.

The entry of the gallery was set with a masculine display of wood from the farm hollowed out and inside placed a fresh floral arrangement of orchids and callas. A green candelabra was placed atop a stump for visual height incorporating breathtaking lengthy taper candles.

The bridal bouquet was also inspired by the unexpected element, brussels sprouts. Using the feminine flowers to polish off the simple, yet modern take on the traditional bridal bouquet, I was able to give the bride her couture look to match her personal style.

In retrospect, I have incorporated the rough, natural elements of the earth for the groom, the clean, sleek, modern design style for the bride and brought all of these concepts together in the heart of the city. This is definitely a “fresh” take on my personal philosophy of expecting the unexpected.

*designed and created by Mandy Majerik and all photographs were taken by Tara Hill.


hillte said...

HotHouse Design Studio is truly floral artistry at its finest! Mandy Majerik AIFD, PFCI, CFD has taken her formal education with her natural creative ability and perfectly merged the two into floral couture (as you can see by her entry). Her knack for detail is what sets her apart from most floral designers and I wish her luck with this unique entry!

Samantha said...

Neatest work! But is this entry from a florist or a wedding planner?

hillte said...
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hillte said...

Mandy is a floral designer in the city of Birmingham, AL. Her unique design work can also be seen in the previous entry by Confero Productions.

Samantha said...

I did notice that! She does the neatest stuff and Christopher is a marvelous designer as well. What a great team it takes to make a wonderful event come to life. Great talents!

hillte said...

Yes, Mandy is a very skilled and talented designer and Christopher (as an event planner) does a nice job of gathering the team to do the footwork.

Confero Productoins said...
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Confero Productions said...

Great comments from everyone! Beautifully artistic work Mandy! So glad to have you close by! You are a gem!

Just as any event DESIGNER, it is our job to give birth to the overall concept and ensure every detail is apart of that consistent theme. The word Confero is a Latin word that means to bring everything together. With my background in all aspects of design; lighting, floral, print, and decor, I am able to ensure an entire event flows cohesively from concept to execution. We surround ourselves with who we believe to be the best in the business and work with them to produce the end result. David, Preston, Colin - I would feel safe to say their hands don't touch every item in their events, yet the concept and grandeur ideas are certainly birthed from someone who sees the entire picture. They collect that team of seasoned professionals they trust will bring their visions to life! And that is exactly what Confero is all about - birthing grand and luxurious visions for my clients and making them come to life!

Confero : latin - v- to bring together, to gather, to collect.

Cheers everyone! Best of luck to all entries!


Jazz Tyrril-Smart said...

Great work! Good Luck

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