Scholarship Entry: Lia Moore, Full Circle Eventi

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lia Moore, Full Circle Eventi

“The Apple of My Eye”
Bride: Metropolitan socialite, with a love for all things that sparkle and purr. She is at the top of her circle and impressions are important. Her Hungarian heritage allows her to fully appreciate the simpler things in life and her lifestyle affords the ability to pair fur and diamonds with jeans. She has a love for animals, but in print. She delights in leopard print, “Because they purr, Darhling.”

Groom: Enjoys the city life, but has simpler roots at heart. He loves the fresh air and the feel of rich soil between his fingers. He dreams of owning an apple orchard and raising animals. His travels around the world have given him an appreciation for culinary simplicity and woodworking. His woodworking hobby certainly keeps him busy. His desires are as simple as his tastes.

Couple: Met in Hungary and wish to incorporate some of her national heritage into the wedding. He wishes to incorporate “good ole’ American food,” hard cider, and the feeling of comfort for all his guests. She wants pizzazz of a metropolitan affair, with lights, décor, and sparkle.

One of a kind custom made apple blossoms invitations arrive in the mail to guest all over the country, beckoning them to a private apple orchard in mid-May. The wedding commences mid day, surrounded by a landscape of budding apple blossoms and in the Hungarian tradition, will conclude in the wee hours of the morning.

As guests arrive, they are ushered through a cobblestone path of exquisite pink and white apple blossoms in full bloom. The line of intoxicating flowers opens onto a clearing with a small hill with a backdrop of more pink and white trees. An assortment of rustic wood benches awaits guest at the base of the hill. Plain white linen and furry white leopard print seat cushions provide a cushy base for guest to perch. Staff passes apple wine spritizers for guest to sip and a Hungarian string quartet hums a softly melody in the air.

Bridesmaids and flower girls make their way down the same blossom path, shortly followed by the bride. Her hair simply braided with a spray of fresh apple blossoms tucked into it. She carries a full bouquet of soft pink peonies with small crystal droplets. These simple elegances are paired with her socialite status diamond necklace and chandelier earrings, white leopard print fur bouquet wrap and crystal encrusted heals with a touch of leopard print.

Cocktails & Food
The sting quartet’s tune livens to escort the guest to another clearing just off the cobblestone wall. A group of Hungarian dancers are within, keeping in time to the lively quartet’s music. Guests are corralled into a fenced off quarter with a full bar and hors d'oeuvres awaiting them. Wood troughs hold silver chafing dishes filled with delectable assortments of meats, fruits and cheeses and a few hot assortments. Gourmet chocolate and caramel apples of all sizes satisfy the sweet tooth. Homemade jarred apple sauce lines the tables as well. The couple’s signature “Hot Apple Pie” martini is on the top of everyone’s list. Guests are entertained as they mingle in the full ambiance and fragrance of the orchard and the full bloom. Taking center stage in the cocktail space is a fully bloomed apple blossom tree bearing the weight of dangling crystal apples. In a perfect violet shade, the apples are etched with guest names and table numbers, escorting them to their next location in the barn.

The musicians again guide the guest through the orchard to the barn. The head table sits opposite the main doors and behind the dance floor. Two tables flank the head table forming “O” shape. Out of the center of these two “O’s” grows a large apple blossom tree. The trees curve up an over the head table, intertwine and create a spectacular backdrop for the couple and a symbol of unity of the bride and groom. High above, from the exposed wood beams of the barn, hang candle lit French wrought iron chandeliers alternating with exquisite crystal chandeliers. But neither holds a candle to the elaborate Glam Rock chandelier floating over the dance floor lit with a custom monogrammed logo of the bride and groom.

Faux wood candles burn along the walls, providing subtle and romantic lighting. Soft blush and violet stage lighting casts abstract flower patterns on the barn walls.

Tables are draped in soft violet table linens, surrounded by gold Chiavari chairs with violet seat cushions and bouquets of pink, green, and purple flowers suspended from the back. Highly polished silver accompanies the square pink and apple blossom china. On each plate a green apple oil lamp glows with the guest’s names. The wine goblets are custom made marrying wood stems and crystal goblet. The table landscape also features low and high centerpieces. The low arrangements mirror the chair flowers in color and style. Hollowed white birch logs hold tea lights and various height pillar candles. Shades of violet and rose diamonds scatter the table. The high table arrangements imitate a curvy apple blossom tree and blossom into spring flowers and crystal stems. Crystal drops also dangle from the tree. More candles illuminate the sparkling glass.

Positioned in the center of dance floor, sits the cake table. The four tiers of lilac fondant progress from dark to light perched atop a large white birch log medallion. Pale pink and white fondant apple blossoms, branches, and Granny Smith apples are topped off with a sparkling cake crown and more apples. Flavors of the cake include the groom’s choice apple spice, chocolate, vanilla, and the bride’s choice, raspberry mocha.

The bride traded in animal prints for a Swarovski crystal birdcage veil and chandelier heeled shoes for a shimmering and trendy entrance that would make any socialite green with envy.

Dinner blends traditional cuisine of Hungary and the United States with haute cuisine of the big city. Guests dine on simple Hungarian soup and chili, followed by paprika chicken (paprika is considered to have magical properties in Hungarian culture), filet mignon, Ruben sliders and martini potatoes. Spiced mulled cider is served aside coffee and cake.

After cutting the cake, enjoying their full service meal, it’s time to dance the night away to the mixed polka, country and contemporary pop music provided by the Hungarian band and DJ.

As is custom in Hungarian culture, the party goes on indefinitely. In the wee hours of the morning, guests are treated to a bite-size breakfast consisting of silver dollar sized apple shaped pancakes on sticks, topped with a bit of maple syrup and paired with simple “pigs in a blanket”.

Apple gifts in hand, bellies full, guests leave the exhausted couple and an orchard-chic night to remember.

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Cocktail Hour and Food
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Nick said...

Awesome ideas all around! Love the idea of a ceremony in an apple orchard followed by a reception in the barn, very homely feeling to it all! Best of Luck!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Will you be at the Wedding Express show in Birmingham on Sun.? Would be great to meet you in person:)

Deborah said...

Very nice blend of the rustic and glitz -- loved the verbal imagery. The apple blossum theme ran true from the beginning of your presentation to the gifts taken home by the guests. This theme was true to the original Green Acres show. I also really enjoyed the occastional Hungarian tidbits shared in this blending of opposites. Nice Job -- Break a Leg -- the show does go on.

Pamela Gibson said...

My favorite by far!! Great blend of rural and urban imagery and what an awesome write-up!

Jazz Tyrril-Smart said...

Love the blossom idea! Good Luck

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