Emerald Underworld Welcome Party

Monday, March 29, 2010

There is something so magical about partying inside a tent, so what better way to welcome everyone to The Academy by having our kick-off party inside an extraordinary tent that was transformed to an Emerald Underworld by the talented Gloria Wong.

It really took an entire year of creative collaborations and careful logistical planning to produce this phenomenal tent party, because every little detail was attended to. Each vase had beautiful, intricate details embellished by Asiel Design, from black fringes to sparkly brooches to sexy black lace. The black beaded drapery were custom ordered by Enhanced Lighting, and each Louis chair was upholstered by Hartmann Studios with special fabric that was selected by Gloria. The wall flats were wrapped with a custom pattern paper designed by Peculiar Pair Press, as were the large pendants hanging from the tent ceiling liner.

The canopy in the middle was dressed in the same emerald fabric as the Louis chairs, thanks to the very hard working staff at Enhanced Lighting. It was anchored by two black Fu Lions from Hartmann Studios, and had custom pillows all around it to create the sultry ambiance that Gloria envisioned for the jazz trio by Bay Music and Entertainment.

Guests were greeted by four sexy, stunning models in black dresses by Bella Bridesmaid with emerald jewelry from Naomi King before they were offered our specialty 'Jade Dynasty' martini to kick start the party!

Ofcourse, we must acknowledge the wonderful St. Regis San Francisco for being the most gracious hosts for The Academy! Thank you!!

To read about Gloria's conceptualization process, click here.


Varun said...

Wow your large pendants set is so good looking. they are really a beauty. I love them. I was wondering if you deal with personalized large pendants.If so please get back to me.

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