Our Media Liaison and Local Ambassador

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We are very honored to introduce Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini (aka MB) of MB Wedding Design & Events as Wedding 360's Media Liaison and Local Ambassador. She will be focused mainly on The Academy for Planners + Designers because MB herself is one of the most sought after and highly respected wedding planner and designer in Northern California.

Last October, we traveled to Las Vegas together for the Engage!09 The Encore and really made a strong connection even though we've known one another for years. MB understands the importance of continual education, and the need to raise the bar in the industry. She is always traveling to attend the best conferences and workshops around the country, so that she can improve her skill sets and grow her business wisely.

We sometimes reach a certain point in our businesses where we think we've 'seen it all', and so there is no motivation to learn. Instead, we'd like to be called the experts and the teachers instead. The reality is, the world is changing everyday and in order to stay competitive, we need to have that thirst for knowledge. We created The Academy for Planners + Designers because we are wedding planners and wedding designers ourselves, and we have such a passion for learning! Yet, there is no conference out there that is so specifically geared towards us. We love the connections that we make at all the wonderful conferences out there, but we want some hard core content that teaches established wedding planners/designers how we can continue to grow our businesses and improve our crafts.

We're really fortunate to have MB be a part of our team, and she is looking forward to greeting you at The Academy in March!


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