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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wedding 360 is offering 1 scholarship for The Academy for Planners + Designers, which is worth $975! We are going to challenge your creativity!

Here is the challenge:
Using the back story, by Gloria Wong Design, create a visual and written design model to be portrayed:
a) in words, and
b) with a story/concept board, or through a photo of a personally designed tablescape.*
*submitted in jpeg format only to

The Rules:

1) Applicants for the scholarship must have owned their own wedding design or floral design business for at least one year, but not more than 5 years; website or blog address must be submitted with entry.

2) Submissions will be accepted beginning Thursday, November 19th, and will be due by midnight Thursday, December 3rd; each entry will be posted on the Wedding 360 blog, so our readers can offer comments.

3) A winner will be selected based on the following:
-Connection with the design concept
-Uniqueness, creativity
-Innovative use of materials

Are you ready?! Here is the back story from our fabulous designer Gloria Wong of Gloria Wong Design:

I would like to see how our TAPD Scholarship applicants develop a design concept for opposites. I'm always getting couples with different tastes and it's up to me to meld the two together. I thought of the show Green Acres from the 1960s. Here's the premise of the show: Successful New York lawyer Oliver Wendell Douglas gives up the rat race to fulfill his dream: living the life of the traditional American farmer. Fighting the move to rural life is his glamorous, boa-wearing, city-loving wife, Lisa. Our spin on this is that a farm-owner proposes to his glamorous socialite girlfriend. They are complete opposites. He likes the simple rural country life. She likes the lavish uptown city life. They wish to blend their personalities and styles for their wedding. How do you meld these two lifestyles into a tasteful event?'

Good luck!


Elisheva said...

Great concept, Gloria! I can't wait to see the winning entry and for TAPD!


stuff said...

I just want to clarify, the opposites concept has to incorporate Green Acres, or is it any opposites wedding concept?

Anonymous said...

appears that the two opposites took character from the idea of the green acres show...we are to use...her spin.."farm owner and socialite"

Catherine Hall Studios said...

What an amazing opportunity for designers! I am so excited to see all the entries and the winner!

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