Scholarship Entry: My Simple Details

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We have a new scholarship entry to reveal. . . Vicki Grafton from My Simple Details.

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First Row: Taylor Creative Inc., Jose Villa, Heather Waraksa/ Second Row: Centric Photography, The Time Photography, ART Design/ Third Row: Jose Villa, Carla Ten Eyck/Fourth Row: Jon Jensen Photography, Karen Wise Photography/ Fifth Row: Crystal Leigh Miller photographer, Wendy Maclaurin Richardson Photography, Henry & Masci Photography/ Sixth Row: Raw Photo Design, Oh How Charming/ Seventh Row: Lisa Lefkowitz, Alders Photography, Elizabeth Messina/ Eight Row: Christian Oth Studios, Tine Pine Press, Christian Oth Studios/ Ninth Row: Henry & Masci Photography, Christian Oth Studios/ Tenth Row: Docuvitae Photography, Tallant House cake/ Eleventh Row: MET Chandelier by Lobmeyr, Sharon Pappas Photography/ Twelfth Row: Myrtle & Marjoram, Stephanie Fay Photography, Jose Villa/ Thirteenth Row: Squire Fox Photography/Milly Design Studio, Jose Villa, Pieces Inc./ Fourteenth Row: Tom Dixon Design, ART Design/ Fifteenth Row: Missy Cochran, High Style Deco

Description of some of the event details:

Guests arrive at a sprawling farm with resident horses in the nearby fields. Slightly curved rows formed of antique wooden and metal-framed chairs. Various sizes crystal chandeliers and modern silver gazing balls are hung in nearby trees. Off white pashminas are neatly folded and staked in antique farm crates with a simple calligraphy note “wrap yourself in luxury”. Off to the side bales of hay creates a natural farm feel and provide extra seating with various shades of white cashmere blankets lightly draped over them.

Programs are made from rough edged cotton paper with beautiful and timeless calligraphy. Half the programs have a brown spotted pheasant feather tied with a thin brown leather cord, while the other half have a beautiful white feather tied with soft off white silk ribbon.

Cocktails are served in an open grass area with various groupings of modern white sofas and arm chairs with metal brads and tufting. A mix of mirrored tables and distressed wooden tables are scattered with the seating. Various shapes and sizes of silver mercury candles holders, vases and silver urns filled with overflowing white and cream flowers are placed on the various wood tables while antique wooden box containers of overflowing white flowers are placed on the mirrored tables. The bars and food display tables are exposed antique farm tables and stacked railroad ties to create a cascading table for a unique display. An old wooden cart and wagon wheels add some extra element to the space.

Wooden escort cards are set out on a large farm table and in a display box full of light colored hay. Various sized silver lanterns with white candles line the path leading from the cocktail area to the reception. For the reception, a large barn with weathered wood floors and exposed wood walls creates a rustic backdrop as metal framed and mirror top tables reflect the various crystal chandeliers hanging from above. Clear acrylic chairs with white velvet cushions allow the warm wood color of the barn floor to show through. Large dramatic arrangements of white floral with orchids and feathers draw eyes up, and low arrangement of antique wooden boxes overflow with white floral. Simple natural linen napkins are placed on white porcelain plates make a simple table scape with natural cotton menu cards tied to napkin with twine.

The large white dance floor contrasts the worn wood floors and has an showpiece modern chandelier hanging above. A lounge area has white drapes to soften the walls and silver globes to add sparkle and shine. Faux white fur rug are used to ground the lounge space.

The groom and groomsmen have boutonnières crafted from feathers of local birds like pheasant. The bride has a stunning hairpiece of feathers and jewels. The bride also has a faux fur shawl in a soft brown with jewel closure to keep her warm.

We will be accepting entries until midnight on December 3rd. Please send them directly to Keep the creativity coming!


TULIP said...

This sounds just like the wedding I am creating on March 6th.... the details are to a tee!! The ceremony and reception are taking place in the stables of an amazing horse farm in Mississippi. Rustic glamour is the event theme. Great minds think alike!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds quaint!

Catherine Hall Studios said...

Wow, your eloquent description is almost as delicious as your sensational creativity and wonderful ability to flawlessly bring together rustic, modern, class and style. As a wedding photographer I would LOVE to photograph an event like this. Brilliant concept and execution.

Bethany said...

Chandeliers in the trees are a great detail! Very nice.

Janece Shellooe at Every Elegant Detail said...

I love the how the feathers are incorporated even with the programs. Very UNIQUE!

Jazz Tyrril-Smart said...

Love the vision board – great style! Good Luck

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